Shockwave Supernova is Joe Satriani’s 15th album – which he is currently touring at the time of writing this blog. The album was recorded at SkyWalker Studios with co-producer/engineer John Cuniberti at the helm and features the grooving Bryan Beller on bass, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Mike Keneally and the mind-bending rhythms of Marco Minnemann on drums.

Joes’ albums never disappoint and Shockwave Supernova is no exception. Satriani’s brilliance shines through right from the opening title track with incredible compositions and story-telling – each track is a musical journey.

“On Peregrines Wings” is one such track. You’re moving through the sky, searching for the target, each moment of the flight being painted by in a musical story.

“Cataclysmic” has an Egyptian/Turkish atmosphere, complete with Finger-cymbals and Satch providing colourful melodies and solos. “San Francisco Blue” is a wonderful minor-key take on the blues feel, yet, even though in a minor key, remains floaty, lively, bright and fun.

A tighter-than-tight groove is delivered on “In My Pocket” – in the pocket more like, which it certainly is.

Of the fifteen tracks on this album, my favourite is the closing track “Goodbye Supernova”. A stand-out track for me, it moves through different time signatures. Even though its saying goodbye to the musical journey that we’ve just travelled, there is also a strange guitar re-birth with the track finishing out on the most beautiful solo.

Yet another fantastic album from Satch.

He’s playing live now – go catch him and be whisked away on this musical journey into your supernova