I’ve spent some time (and money too) trying out different sticks over the years that I’ve been playing and, until now, I had never really found that one stick that I could say “Yeah!! That’s the one.”

I went from manufacturer to manufacturer trying different sizes, different lengths, different weights.

For years I used a 2B. Why?? Because when I was starting out on my playing career, I was at the Orchestra rehearsal and I was handed a pair of sticks to play the Snare Drum. I remember looking at the sticks and thought “..that’s what I need to buy…”. Being a young, naiive drummer, just starting out, I didn’t know what suited and what didn’t. And walking into a drum store and seeing the huge array of drumsticks on offer at the time was just mind-boggling.

For those just starting out, there’s a great video here with Mike Michalkow on how to select a drumstick.

Click Here to watch the video

As time went on I dropped down a size and used an 5B. But still I felt this was too much stick for my needs and didn’t really feel comfortable in my hands – I was looking for something that almost felt like a natural extension of my arms and, for me the 5B wasn’t it.

I was in my local drum store and talking about sticks, I was asked if I had tried the Vic Firth 55A. I hadn’t, but I grabbed a pair and tried them and thought “…these might be the sticks that I’ve been looking for…”.

At 16″ long and 0.580″ inches thick, the Vic Firth 55A really are a great, versatile stick and I have a few pairs in my stick bag. They are the combination of a 5A and 5B being smack-bang between the two in thickness. The tip is tear-drop shape which is great on cymbals and the taper is medium giving a great balance.

This model comes with Wood Tip and Nylon Tip – my personal preference is for the Wood Tip as I like the warmer sound that the wood produces on the cymbals over the much brighter nylon.

I used the 55As for years and have been absolutely delighted with them.

After using the Vic Firth American Classic 55A Wood Tip sticks, I now can say that I’ve found my perfect pair. What’s your perfect pair?

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